Document Freedom Day 2014

One day workshop was organized on 3rd April 2014 at IT Park, Kavre, Nepal on the theme of raising awareness of Open Standards. The workshop was conducted by KUOSC and FOSS Nepal. Depart of IT and KU were supporters and Central Department of Library and Information Science, Tribhuwan University, Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal, Mozilla Nepal, Wikimedia Nepal were there as celebrating partners. The participants of the program are IT focal persons from different ministries of Government of Nepal, faculty members from Kathmandu University and Tribhuwan University, some colleges, TU Library Science Students and and some ICT stakeholders from local community.

  • Birendra Kumar Mishra, Chief Guest, Director General , DoIT.
  • Dr. Manish Pokhrel, Special Guest,
  • Mr. Bhim Dhoj Shrestha , Special guest,
  • Mr. Subhir Pradhananga, FOSS Nepal President,
  • Adesh Neupane, KUOSC coordinator.
guests on diace

guests on diace

Adesh Neupane gave the short welcome words. Then, to kick start the official program the inauguration speech was given by chief guest Mr. Birendra Kumar Mishra.

Welcome Speech

Birendra Kumar Mishra - DIrector General DoITMr. Birendra pointed out the now and them facts on how documents logs were kept. More than hundreds years older documents log were kept secure but also it had to be preserved for future. Now electronic representation of those documents are being done, which is good but data lock problem is being raised and seen there, Because documents created in one environment couldn’t be read by other. So, open standard is needed and is a must today. He concluded his speech by saying,

“let’s unlock the locks.”

DFD and Open Standards

subir pradhananga and prabin gautamMr. Subir Pradhananga and Mr. Prabin Gautam gave the first presentation of the day on Document Freedom Day and open standards. Document freedom is the freedom to use document whenever, wherever, however.
For example:

If you got a file attachment in your email, but if you can’t open that document and you need to install that particular application to open the document that created it. Then there appears to be data locking. And this clearly is not document freedom.

Previously, documents were in forms of books and copies and hand written – but now its stored digitally. A company that created document opening application after 5 or 10 years might ask you to upgrade the application, in order to access the document. or even worse, the company might dissolve. And we are unable to access our document. These two cases explain us the scenario of vendor locking.

Worldwide many countries, developed as well as developing are implementing open standards in their countries. Government needs interoperability and non vendor locking system. European Union (EU) interoperability framework requires open standard in sharing document within EU member countries. Nepal’S IT policy 2010 Vows to promote FOSS and Open Standards.

government officials attending program

government officials attending program

National Council for Education Research and Training (NCERT) India has certified Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to implement in academic institution. UK parliament recently has adopted open office for official documentation purposes.

To ensure open standards, use of open source software is the right way.

Free and Open Source Licenses

Hempal ShresthaMr. Hempal Shrestha presented on Free and open source licensing which gave a brief introduction on that topic. Unlike other Operating Systems (OS) multiple license for multiple OS is not required by Linux Operating Systems, which proves to be flexible and scalable.

Free means freedom स्वतन्त्र  not free as निसुल्क. Open Source Software Philosophy is same same but different than Free Software Philosophy.  Free software philosophy says every software in the world should be free. But, Open source software philosophy says some software needs to be proprietary which that needs privacy.

GNU Linux, BIND (DNS server), Sendmail, Postfix (email server) are some of the examples of FOSS initiatives. Some of the FOSS initiatives include lower IT costs, security , reliability – since many server are linux based.

Common issues: Based on GoN’s site

prakash neupane giving presentation

prakash neupane giving presentation

Mr. Prakash Neupane started his presentation on common issues found on government website’s of Nepal. Before most of the government sites were less interesting like those static website’s which of-course had information on them and were downloadable but was not up to the open standards. The limitations doesn’t even start here, let’s take an example of Budget of Kathmandu Metropolitan City 2013 . Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal (OKF-Nepal) had done open spending data party to open budget details to the public based on open standards. Those guys had to go through a lot like

  • data was in pdf format in web (common people don’t understand data in pdf’s)
  • data wasn’t editable and words were not understandable
  • text was in preeti font

The data was later scrapped and put on tabular data on which team of data wranglers, coders, designers and documentation really put their effort. So, solution here needless to say is open standard. Data can be in XML,CSV format and font in unicode.

Another interesting example, Aid Management Platform Nepal has put documents in pdf and excel format as well, making it easy for those who just want to read and those who want to work on data.

 Libre Office

Mr. Bobby Basnet and Mr. Aashish Belwase though seemed promising in the beginning with copy in their hands. But like YDGWYS ( You Don’t Get What You See) they couldn’t familiarize the attendees with Libre Office. More than Libre Office, other words like “Microsoft”, “Office” and “windows” were heard and repeated more. The program agenda stated “Libre Office” as presentation topic but the first slide of presentation said “Microsoft office suite programs”. A good price list comparison and discussion was done on Microsoft Office products, because according to the Microsoft website the overall price of MS Office suite application is $400.

Libre office presenterLibre Office is the document foundation of open source software which is freely available, fully featured office productivity tool. It contains every tool you need to operate you office productivity needs. The open document extension found on Libre Office are odt (for text), ods (for spreadsheet), odp (for presentation needs), odb (for database ), odg (for graphics), odf (for formulas).

Major features:

  • pdf converter
  • math formula editor
  • export to media wiki
  • supports many file formats and many more.

An interesting query was raised after presentation and that is , “While saving document there is .doc and .docx option also. Has libre office took consent of Microsoft for that?” which after a long discussion was resolved.

Latex: Document Typesetting System

Manoj Shakya KUMr. Manoj Shakya, assistant professor of Kathmandu University was the presenter. Normally, after lunch sessions are expected to be less interesting and more sleepy type. It was completely different than expected. In my personal view it was the second best presentation of the day. It was like watching a suspense drama.

Latex pronounced as La = Lay and tex = tek , is a document typesetting software. Prof. Donald E. Knuth born in 1938 developed tex. Later, Prof. Leslie Lamport born on Feb 7 1941 developed packages and added on Tex and called Latex. It is widely popular in university, government and research activities.

Latex is not a word processor. Unlike libre office or Microsoft office tools, it is not WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool. It is a markup language and document type setting. The benefits of using Latex is that focus is on content and style, and image modification and mathematical functions are much more easier to write.

To get started you will need 3 things

  1. Tex/Latex implementation
  2. text editor
  3. pdf viewer

According to different OS

  1. Windows – MikTex / – Adobe Reader
  2. Mac – MacTex / – Tex Maker
  3. Lunux – TexLine / -Gummi

You can try it online too in following website’s.

If you have browser and internet, you can go to these sites and use latex. The extension of latex is (dot)tex. Also, a template making facility is available if you have more than 25 pages of document to work on. Make one standard template and all will use the same. The pdf created by latex will bring same output in any browser/platform/OS even after hundred’s of years. So if you don’t want to compromise in quality and want best result oriented document typesettin application then latex is the best right choice of all.

Open Web Standards

Mr. Manish Jung Thapa also known as MJT gave his presentation on open web standards. We were trying to see our future in web, and there was terminator and matrix of course to assist us. But then came along the chicken wings and the depth behind its future too. (Jokes apart) The outline of this presentation was closely related to what we nowadays hear “web is the future”. You can do anything and everything on web and it is limitless. The use of open web standards opens new possibilities and enables innovation.

While giving examples to better explain the slides, Mr. Manish took the liberty of taking an example from thumb recognition feature on election voters list collection campaign, asking what are the standards to test the security of our thumb prints. To which he got an official answer in-his-ear that “your identity and thumb print is safe in our records”.

Library and Information Services [LIS] and Document Freedom

Mr. Bhim Dhoj Shrestha giving presentation

Mr. Bhim Dhoj Shrestha giving presentation

Mr. Bhim Dhoj Shrestha gave presentation on “Library and Information Services [LIS] and Document Freedom” related to Custodians of knowledge and their role in promoting open standards.  The sole purpose of document freedom day is requirement of document freedom through open standards. Information is not only in library, it is everywhere being digitized electronically. It gives us much more reasons to take care about document freedom.

Open standard and formats keep alive the creators work, or else the work dies with creators death. The internet evolution is also a type of revolution/movement as document freedom.

More about Mr. Bhim Dhoj Shrestha’s presentation in Document Freedom Day 2013

He can be reached for further queries

Introduction to Moodle: Open Source Learning Platform

Mr. Rajesh Manandhar presenting on "Introduction to Moodle"

Mr. Rajesh Manandhar presenting on “Introduction to Moodle”

Mr. Rajesh Manandhar presented on Moodle which is a short form of Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Education Platform. This presentation was more based on Kathmandu University (KU)’s adoption of Moodle for better learning experience. Recently moodle version 2.6.1 was released. is the place for user community of moodle and is the company website of moodle. Martin Douglas developed Moodle. In Dec 2010 with the initiation of KOICA, Moodle initiation was started in KU.


Acme Open Source Community members attending DFD 2014

Acme Open Source Community members attending DFD 2014

Lastly the program was wrapped with Q & A and Discussion.

Leadership Development and Event Management

There are two types of leaders in this world. One who leads the way, sets himself as an example so others can follow and the other one is who steps back , encourages others to lead. Leadership is not something you have inbuilt when you were born , neither is it a gin-tonic-vitamin you drink. It is passion and passion merely beats talent.

If you don’t get a solution through simple and straight way, be ready to be somewhat strange – wicked. Embrace yourself, think out of the box (TOOB). Don’t be confined, always keep pushing your limits. Test yourself time and again.

Marketing management and Social management are the important aspects of Event Management. Social marketing management is the service according to people’s wants and needs. Keep track on your mind, dodge those bullets that so called “problems”. Remember, ” A problem is not a problem, until you see it as a problem“.

So, lets break it down.
T E A M = Together Everyone Achieve More

F E A R = False Evidence Appearing True

Try and make sure FEAR doesn’t catch TEAM. Focus on team building and try to communicate with team players effectively. Don’t overdo yourself by thinking, because if you think-think-think you’ll never do-do-do, Think less act more.

Spot the difference ?

input = output

Input = Output

By now you might have spot the difference. The first equation means if the input is small or small thinking leads to small output, but BIG thinking leads to BIG output. So, always think BIG. Think big always, but one small step at a time.

A personal journey development is a very individualized process, People begin at different points and progress at different rates.

Now, If we talk about the monetary value,  Its been heard and said that money is on the floor, the think is you should know how to grab it. Look at yourself – your capabilities, how far you can go. Look at your family-  what contribution can they make in your career. Look at your friends , explore new possibilities, expose your desire.

RIGHT INFORMATION to the RIGHT PERSON at RIGHT TIME  for RIGHT PURPOSE, if this you can achieve, well its a good start. Never forget to recharge yourself, remember happy times more than sad times (try at least).

2 mistakes in life

  1. return from the middle
  2. fear to start

These are the mistakes we need to overcome in life. Explore your competency and creativity. I would like to take an example of Jhamak Kumari Ghimire, who has been an inspiration to me. Creativity seems a small word in front of her.

This article would be incomplete without talking about Warren Buffett. This business magnet has two only two rules.

  1. Rule No. 1 : Don’t Loose Money.
  2. Rule No 2: Don’t forget rule no 1.

20th century would be incomplete without him and his good advice.

Accept Challenges

The before – after scenario could explain it better.

Before = If i can’t who can ?

After = If i can, who can’t ?

a $25 smartphone

A strange as it sounds – it’s true and no type mistake there. This smartphone will run on Firefox OS, which brings more affordable devices running Firefox OS to even more people around the world. Although the preparations to jump from computer browser to smartphone operating system was in the wind for long. Firefox OS was released to public in 2013.

photo source :

photo source :

Firefox OS – the game changer in mobile operating system as they call it, actually depicts the power of open Web. It encourages people to realize, the ability to take computing with you because mobile matters. The advancement in technology gives control to individual to remain one – united. Browser’s might have shadowed but it could not hide the fact and need of people to remain connected, have quick access to internet irrespective of their Geo-location.

Firefox OS is packed with the features that you want in a smartphone. It fits your life perfectly so you can fit in with the world around you. It has been made for the moments of your life, friends, exploration. The recent new features added are Full screen browsing, URL auto complete, Switch to TAB and many more.

  • Full Screen Browsing: The title bar automatically hides when you’re not using it. This gives you back your entire screen for browsing enjoyment. When you want to access it again, simply pull down the Awesome Bar from the top of the screen.
  • URL Autocomplete: The address bar also now completes your URL destination as you type – currently the only mobile browser that does this!
  • Switch to Tab: The screen now has a Switch to Tab feature, that lets you easily find and switch to any open tab from your screen without opening duplicate tabs.


Mozilla Firefox Community

Firefox changed everything – the browsing scenario to user experience since its existence and now it is trying to prove its best in smartphone OS arena. Most smartphones are made by a small number of people, all in one place, probably pretty far from where you live. Firefox OS smartphones are different. They’re made by a huge global community and are the only smartphones that understand and deliver what you want and need. Local communities have worked on understanding, sharing, translation, apps development and many more, which gives of sense of community to you feeling. I have been lucky to see Mozilla Nepal work and contribution to community and Firefox OS – one way or another.

Firefox OS Cost ?

You can purchase Firefox OS on a ZTE Open, LG Fireweb or an Alcatel One Touch device. Firefox OS is available to buy across 14 countries across the globe. You can purchase a device in:

Brazil with Vivo
Chile with Movistar
Colombia with Movistar
Germany with Congstar
Greece with Cosmote
Hungary with both Telenor and T-Mobile
Italy with TIM
Mexico with Movistar
Montenegro with Telenor
Peru with Movistar
Poland with T-Mobile
Serbia with Telenor
Spain with Movistar
Uruguay with Movistar
Venezuela with Movistar

Till date, 17 Operators spanning the globe have committed to distributing Firefox OS devices: América Móvil, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Hutchison Three Group, KDDI, Korea Telecom, MegaFon, Qtel, SingTel, Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia Group, Telefónica, Telenor, TMN and VimpelCom.

As a result, more countries and mobile phone operators will be selling Firefox OS in the future. The operator partners will distribute the phones through a variety of locally-specific channels.

Pricing is not set by Mozilla and will be established by operator and manufacturer partners based on local market dynamics. So, pricing might differ. But for now it’s a $25 smartphone and still beats the rumors of ubuntu phones price ranged between $200 – $300.


  3. Top 5 Firefox tips.

Nepal theme songs ICC World Twenty 20

photo source:

photo source:

  1. Nepali T20 WC CRICKET song – Go Team Nepal!!

The “taali bajai deu ” song has 4675 views and 89 likes till now.

Singers: Karma Gyalsaya, Sanoop Poudel, Raj Sigdel
Music: Shambhujeet Baskota
Lyrics Santosh Paudyal
Arranger: Sahas Shakya
Courtesy: The Himalayan Times

2. Jay Mahakaali [Official T20 Nepali Cricket Song]

This electrifying song has been viewed 4360 times and liked by 194.

Song : Jay Mahakaali Performed By Balen (lyrics and Compose)
Mastered and Record : Blueprint TV (Pri Gurung)
Beat Produced : P.A.P.I.O

3. Aayo Gorkhali’ by Out Rivals Band

7038 views received by this song and continues with 112 likes. Nicely shot with good lyrics, this rock band has really put some effort in it.

Lyrics: Nabin and Rabindra
Arrange: Ganesh Gurung
Music Label: Sylph Entertainment

Camera: Sudip Baral
Edit: Tekendra Shah
Direction: Ryan Karki

4. ICC World Twenty 20 Bangladesh official video song

This official song of hosting country Bangladesh have been viewed 31419 times and like by 244 people.

Source: YouTube

Solaborate, what’s next ?

In one of the Facebook groups, I saw some random post about solaborate being the new exciting thing and blah, blah. Did some googling and binging, and found out that it is a professional social network and collaboration platform dedicated to technology professionals & companies. Well, it did draw my attention and I signed up to explore more. It’s free to signup.

It has just launched its beta version, and promises to provide technology professionals a central place with the right tools and services to collaborate in real time both internally and externally – and solve business problems. It provides tools to collaborate, communicate and expand the ecosystem of tech minds. There are many social networking sites, tech discussion websites, forums but all of them are scattered. Solaborate brings the collaborative blatform for all users need at one place. I guess thats how its name came, social + collaborate = solaboarte.

solaborate connect and follow

Tech on the go as they say, you can download the Android app and take your personal, company or product profile with you. Get the Android application to stay connected with professionals, companies and products or services. The public beta version of the website has recently been released too.

After you finish up with the nitty gritty and activate your profile account you are welcomed with the sign in page and that where all the action begins with that click LOG IN. And following are the basics of what you see and how-to’s ?

1. Top Left Action Menu

Top left action menu


2. Refined search bar

refined search bar


3. Dropdown profile edit

profile edit it dropdown style


4. Important Menu’s on Left side

Menu's on left side


5. Write your thought here : Post



6. Share with Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin

share with external networks


7. Filter post’s easily

filter post's


8. Simple chat – make video call, audio call and even share your screen.



After the tour you will get a welcome message from solaborate and some notifications of accepted connection request you made while completing your profile.



accepted connection request


I am looking forward to explore Solaborate.