Begin Again

Begin Again RoadAnother battle has begun
Again, I don’t know why.
To take us down
Here comes the rain.

The fault in our stars
They’re too close to each other.
Too careful not to get hurt
Only God knows how long.

I’ll be dammed
Cupid stuck an arrow.
I don’t know what to say
Either BEGIN AGAIN or fade away.

The temptation to quickly leave
and still see you around.
Many bumps in the road
All i can do is pray … to begin with.

Just Friends!

1551466_10202508097376569_320152443_nDeep in my bones i know
there was a heart in my body
i stare at my phone
to light up and say something funny.

Rush is rough as always
the draft never made it to outbox
the demand of pain
it asks to be felt.

She stopped talking
the silence is just killing
its a long way to lonely
switching on and off my life.

I am a grenade and
it’ll be an honor to be heartbroken.
So, come out and come quickly
i am tasting the stars.

Inspired by the movie : The Fault In Our Stars


FOSS Ka Kura 2014 by Acme Engineering College

On 23rd August 2014 Saturday, FOSS Ka Kura – a initiative of FOSS Community was organized by Acme Open Source Community (AOSC). Due to unforeseen circumstances, the venue was changed to BuDs International Pvt. Ltd. Kupondole, Lalitpur instead of Acme Engineering College – Diploma Banasthali Kathmandu Nepal. With just 11 participants (out of which 4 were presenters) ,the August issue of FOSS Ka Kura (FKK) started 30 minutes late than the fixed time, that is 3 PM.

Introduction to FOSS Ka Kura and AOSC – Spandan Pradhan

WP_20140823_003For the third time since 2012, I have been involved in this event named FOSS Ka Kura. It gives us such an immense pleasure being in the organizing team and conducting the event with satisfaction. I started the event with first presentation on AOSC activities till now and flashbacks of FOSS Ka Kura 2012 and FOSS Ka Kura 2013 + Pre SFD event . I promptly asked Nikesh Balami (First president of AOSC) , Rabin Tamang (Second president of AOSC) and Suraj Bohara (back end man of AOSC) to share their experiences during their tenure in Acme Open Source Community. A very recharging moment and slideshow of memories started rolling. Now, it was time for FOSS Ka Kura, so other presenters were called.

Open Hardware/Open Science – kshitiz Khanal

WP_20140823_021kshitiz Khanal gave his presentation on Open Hardware, which was more like collection of inspirational stories. His presentation was informative and looked like a lot of research topics included. Open beyond software was discussed in his presentation because he was more into hardware than software. He talked about which is a hub of research papers free and open to use. A theoretical physicist made this possible and started archive papers. The physicist wanted the web (www) to be used by people to, not for the motive of government linkage.

A 15 years old high school boy , John Andraca suddenly popular and was all over popular online technical portals, blogs etc. He created a system to cure caner by using paper sensor to test and cure cancer. Earlier when he wanted to do research on cancer, so he sent 200+ emails to reputed college;s but only John Hopkins University responded. The research was possible through open access journal.

tesla motors charging stations

tesla motors charging stations

We all know about Tesla Motors, and the CEO of the same Elon Musk. So, tesla roadster an electrical vehicle from Tesla Motors had to some situations. They had made a good electrical vehicle but the problem was charging stations across far geographical locations. So, he made the patent of that electrical car Open to public. Of course, there was no instant reward but slowly the patent was owned and understood by a lot of people, and now it was the people who urged for charging stations in their location. Hyperloop pattern is also Open, and its also tesla motors idea.

On Reddit forum too, a simple question started the ignition of revolution. “Could we put a man on moon?” Elementary science has taught us that Neil Armstrong and gang went to moon in the rocket. But the question was how the public can involve and contribute in the change, can public people attempt this feat. And after lots and lots of thread discussions, research, now work has started. Project balloon and Project rocket are the examples of it. 10 years back it might have been a different scenario, but now we do have modules available. For example, Arduino.

WP_20140823_005Open Knowledge Foundation(OKF) works on Open Data. With data comes accountability, and OKF works on different Open Projects. Open GLAM, which is kind of virtual museum, facilitates research purposes of students and people. Recently, MIT, Coursera, Edx have made a consortium which is said Open Education consortium. Since not everybody can go universities like Harvard and MIT, so people can access these courses worldwide irrespective of the geographical location. Wikipedia movement has also brought some creative ideas and competitions , an open platform, wiki logs competition, from which we not only compete but learn cross country culture.

Since there is no data science course in Education curriculum in Nepal, so School of Data is a good place to learn basic data skills.

Introduction to Mozilla Nepal Team and activities – Surit Aryal and Nootan Ghimire

The presentation started with surit and nootan introducing us about Mozilla, Mozilla Nepal community and their activities and contributions. Recently mozilla nepal have been doing webmaker partyin which interaction talk program and how non programmers can too use webmaker was discussed. Webmaker currently is on top priority list of Mozilla Nepal, because of its easy to use and flexible nature, which can attract more normal users.


Some question were asked to the presenters. ” Does webmaker focus on design or what ? and “difference between firebug and thimble?”. To which the team answered with an interactive session. For normal users , there is thimble project in webmaker, one side of the screen has code writing part and other part of screen has output part. It makes easy to visualize output and since missing code is suggested, its much fun to use it. Surit answered that , “Firebug is for developers and thimble is for simple people.”

  1. Webmaker – thimble, popcorn, X-ray goggle
  2. Firefox OS – Apps
  3. Localization

WP_20140823_025Popcorn is made for to use by normal users in a simple way, Nikesh Balami added, ” i use popcorn more than thimble, as i find it easy for video editing and video making purposes.” Nootan shared that firefox OS uses the power of web and Mozilla thought to use the power of web in smartphones, It pushesh the limitations of web. The difference between Android OS and Firefox OS is that Android is java platform and firefox OS is html and CSS. A mozilla evangelist said that, “its not great that high GB;s of internet you are using, but if you find solutions for where there’s no internet (offline data) its worthwhile.” The web api connects wile internet connection and stores in cache for offline use.More work on developing native apps for firefox OS is being developed at growing rate.

Open Discussion – Sagar Chhetri

1513239_10201997163482131_1780372324_nThis was a very interesting session by Mr. Sagar Chettri. We had informal and formal open discussion which went more than 2 hours. Also, due to heavy rain, our open discussion continued.  We discussed about 4 types of contributors in FOSS, Chitwanix history and vision, digital divide between Inside and outside Kathmandu valley, Chitwanix Students Progam , FOSS commercialization, freedom portal and more.  What happens in Open Discussion stays in Open Discussion, so those who attended FKK by Acme Engineering College – Diploma at Business Dynamism International Pvt. Ltd. knows it.

Please comment about your views or suggestions.




How To Motivate Yourself ?


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Motivation, a drop from the sea that everybody needs. We need this tonic to recharge our battery (not literally), to keep moving forward in life and succeed. Time and tide waits for none, we have heard it a lot before but if we do believe in these quotations it does wonders. But if we don’t these are just empty words. So if the times are hard and you feel low, you see no way out. Then, dust yourself up and try to do following stuffs:

  1. Smile

Yup, you saw that right, just smile first. Smile at people passing by – on the road, -in the park, – to the person standing opposite to you in a public vehicle, – to the beggar in the footpath.  The trick is to pump in the positive energy inside you. The world is good and bad both; it depends on your perspective of course.


  1.  Pat yourself on the back
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You have to learn to appreciate yourself, time and again. A small deed, work or thought that you feel good about is worth appreciating. Don’t wait up for everybody else to suggest or comment. Definitely you can and should share your feats and success with near-dear ones. Don’t ever forget to remember that YOU MATTER.


  1. Watch inspirational movies.

Okay, this is an old school but it works every time. Trust me, okay don’t trust but you got to try it first. Who said learning isn’t always fun, watch a movie – get entertained and learn at the same time. Surf up the internet, rent a good inspiring movie and feel the kick out of it. Get thrilled, goose bumps, that adrenaline rush you need to make sure you keep being encouraged. Choose your genre and choice.

Some of my picks:


  1. Listen to feel good songs.
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Ever heard of “HIT THE IRON WHEN IT IS HOT”. It’s a phrase, not a song, but yeah – Sure you did, so emotions are like that too. We do not have control over it, so make sure you keep a playlist beforehand the apocalypse of feelings.

Some of my picks:


  1. Books

Fictional, Non-fictional, thriller, romantic, – choose your shade. Books are your best friends , when the whole world is against you. Its like making peace with yourself. If you google/bing for “inspirational books”, I am sure you will get million of results. Top 10, top 20, and other author related books.

Some of my picks:

  • YOU CAN WIN by shiv khera.
  • THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Cohelo.


Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.

–       Norman Ralph Augustine


Finding motivation may not be like finding X in mathematics and it does seem impossible and unrealistic at times when you feel unmotivated. The remedy is different from people to people. We often tend to forget simple and common things around us that make us happy. The key to the lock might be different, so hey IF THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY.


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Memories of you

I don’t say it often
Nor can I express
But it seems like I’ve been holding onto
Memories of you.

Drunken me is the sober me
I still remember when YOU and I used to be WE
I close my eyes only to see
You were much more than everything.

 Just when I got hold of life
It slipped quietly under me
All I can feel is fear
As I ran towards you to be near.

 A moment of sigh
A moment of tear
A moment of impact
A treasured memory now and forever.

memories of you

memories of you