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Email – still alive

Electronic mail or e-mail as we call it, is still alive and healthy. Yes, the expressions are related to food and health. Just like the relationship of hand and eye, is the relationship of email and internet. “When the hand gets hurt, eye weeps and when the eye gets hurt, hand wipes“.

Of course, the era of computer industry is skyrocketing and continue to be. Bringing new challenges, opportunities and possibilities but more than the question “ARE WE THERE YET” is the question “HAVE WE FORGOTTEN WHERE WE CAME FROM”. The internet is booming and ever changing like revolution- like fashion. But before learning to run, we should know how to stand,and before learning sentence , we should learn alphabets.

The power of email is not to be misunderstood for nothing. On every website we log in, every social media we socialize, our every single existence on web is linked by a single thread called EMAIL. The stats says it all, still nowadays businesses prefer email marketing rather than others, organizations prefer webmail (for example: as the preferred email for business purpose, subscription, promotions name it any … email is there.

The tendency to check emails might be different from people to people. Some use it just for the purpose to fulfill a particular objective like – subscription, spamming , survey, polls etc and some use it as the only and preferred source of web interaction. Gmail, outlook, yahoo etc are the sort-of heard-of mailbox end users use for email purposes. And who does not know about mail chimp, the leading email marketing solutions provider.

Also, email came into existence before internet. So, one has to remember not to be mistaken with ” I am on internet and/or I am on web” .Because you might be on Internet but are you on web?. Email is still the most effective and profitable way in turning prospects into customers.

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